It’s A….


Let me start off by saying, I love my husband. I especially love his face in this pic!

We are beyond excited to be adding another baby girl to our family – I mean we are used to girls by now, so it comes with ease and happiness. My husband’s first thought: weddings and hormones.

The girls and I squealed in excitement! We had our favorite bakery, Maxie B’s, whip us up some cupcakes so that we could all be surprised together. So fun and what a sweet memory to share!


Party of 5..

Our big surprise…


Coming September 2015, we will be expanding by 1!

We are beyond excited to share our journey with you as we venture into baby-hood all over again!

We found out we were expecting on January 22 and as much as we wanted to wait to share the good news, we just couldn’t. Rylee had been praying for a new baby for Christmas and her birthday so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell her on her birthday! Watch her surprise reaction..

Rylee’s big Surprise!

Having a miscarriage in our past, we were a little hesitant to share the news so quickly – but then again our family and friends support helped us heal from our lost baby. We trust in God’s plan and know he has a purpose for our family so we put our children and relationship in His hands.

I have been snapping pics since we found out because this baby (#3) may not have a completed baby book, memory journal and keepsake box. When I first became a mother 8 years ago I vowed to be one of those moms that keeps up with every thing for each child – but then reality happens and that just seems almost impossible. Rylee has an extremely detailed baby book, scrap book for the first 5 years of her life, memory journal, and keepsake box. Reese, well I’m still catching up on. That doesn’t make me a bad mother, that makes me human. For moms of more than one or two out there – pour out your words of wisdom to me now as we sail the seas of all things baby all over again!!


7 weeks


8 weeks


9 weeks


10 weeks


11 weeks


12 weeks

We have made it into what my doctor calls the “safe zone” – definitely easing our worry a bit. It may be too soon to start planning but those that know me – know that’s impossible!

::Question time::

 Was this planned? we weren’t preventing pregnancy from happening and would feel blessed if God gave us another baby.

Eating habits? Starving, I crave mashed potatoes non stop!

What do you love about being pregnant? Volume of my hair! ha, call me vain but for a girl with thin hair, I’m loving this!

#1 advice for pregnant moms? lemon water soothes morning sickness

Maternity clothes? No way, l live in dresses

Stretch marks? None with the girls, praying for none with this baby

Name ideas? keeping the letter R tradition – but nothing yet

Sleep? Crazy dreams, lots of insomnia

What I miss? Zumba and Running (had to take a first trimester break)

Aversions? Avocado and mangos

Feeling? stuck between fat and pregnant

Shout out to? my husband for constantly reminding me that I’m not fat

Let all things baby begin!

Well, we’re back


Far too long since we Mackeys have updated our blog – this blog started as a way for me to document every moment of my children – their firsts and milestones… and then I fell off the blogging bandwagon… but recently realized how much my kids will one day value this – so I must keep it up.

Rylee recently turned 8! Eight, I can not even believe that. That sweet girl was 6 months old when I first started documenting everything on our family blog. She’s lost 5 teeth. She is just growing up. She’s making straight As in school and has been since she started. Our girl is really into singing and dancing lately to anything kid friendly she can find on Youtube. If I’m not mistaken, her latest craze is “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time”.

Reese is almost 4! Holy cow. My baby almost 4! Stop the time. What 3 year old girl isn’t obsessed with everything Frozen?! We are certainly in the Disney bonanza! This little one gets up 14 times when we put her to bed, it’s tiring, annoying but amusing to see what reasons she comes up with. She loves helping and having chores, let’s hope this continues and I can bribe her into doing dishes soon.

We basically own a mini zoo. Our first children, Dixie and Sammy are still as human like as ever at 10 and 9 years old. I swear we spoil everything that steps foot in our house. In January, we bought the girls bunny rabbits – what I like to refer to as, “another clean up for Mom”. I digress, they are the cutest and sweetest babies. The girls named them Molly and Lucy. Our turtle, Elizabeth, is almost 4 also. Any ideas on where turtles should live? Because honestly, ours has been living in a bathtub all winter. In the summer, he (yes a he named Elizabeth), lives in a pool out back. Did I tell you before we own a ball python? What were we thinking right? Snakes are dangerous and can kill people, right? Well, calm down. It’s not like we get him out, wrap him around our necks and sleep with him. His name is Guiness and he’s almost 3. As far as pets, I’d own a hundred more – but that’s just not gonna happen.

Big news coming up in our next post.. stay tuned.

Snow Day.. FINALLY!

IMG_20150217_161210531 IMG_20150218_114027 IMG_20150226_110744 IMG_20150226_111043 IMG_20150226_111325 IMG_20150226_111415

When it snows here in NC – we make the most of it! We had been waiting all season for some snow worth sledding and building snow families in! And boy did we get it!! I could barely sleep from excitement of the snowfall! We got close to 7 inches – I know that may not sound like much compared to the north but yal, 7 inches in the south is good enough for me!

Even our dogs got out and played in it! We took the kids sledding – they collected some scrapes and sniffles along the way.. but we had fun! Even daddy wiped out a few times!

The best part: making snow cream for the first time (complete with sprinkles) – everyone loved it!

Rylee turns 8!!

IMG_20150131_103956466 IMG_20150131_131354053 IMG_20150131_132325255 IMG_20150131_144846509 IMG_20150201_090448650 IMG_20150201_130213078

Our beautiful girl Rylee turned 8! All this princess wanted was a new brother or sister – so we surprised her with the good news… See her reaction here..

Rylee celebrated with a birthday party at the bowling alley and a sleepover with some of her girl pals.

We took her out for her favorite dinner, Mexican food and of course dessert!

Happy Birthday to our oldest baby! Hard to believe this blog was created when she was 6 months old!!

Fun on the Fourth

Our family is festive to say the least – especially for the holidays. We had a great day with friends and the kids blasting fireworks, seeing the parade downtown and enjoying food together.

This girl used to be terrified of fireworks – I remember being 2 months pregnant with her and her Daddy and I watching fireworks downtown out of the back of our little hatchback car. My, how times have changed.

Baby girl is a daddy’s girl all the way and loves excitement – especially fireworks!
Fourth of July is never complete without sparklers and watermelon!