we run.


One thing Mike and I got into last year was running!

We turn it into date time really – no kids, us with thousands of other runners, adrenaline, and accomplishment.

We’ve ran the Color Runs, Race the Bar, Tarheel, Biscuitville – to name a few.

We recently ran the Tarheel 4 Miler and even though I was 19 weeks pregnant – it felt amazing! I’ve been studying ways to move up to a half marathon.. baby steps yal. Also, let me point out that I don’t think I could convince hubs to do a half – but hey, a girl can dream.

Some steps I’ve come up with in order to accomplish this are:

  • Access my level of fitness: having a baby this fall – means no half marathons this fall. My level of fitness this time last year was amazing – losing weight, eating balanced at every meal.. pregnancy is different for everyone, with that said, I’ll get back on my strenuous fitness kick once the baby arrives
  • Choose a half marathon: this makes it visible and real! Pay for it, mark it on the calendar, and prepare
  • Train at least 12 weeks prior to the big day: I’ve been researching training programs – have any you recommend?
  • Take 1 day breaks in between running days: simple, don’t over do it! Muscles tear, you fatigue, and lose focus
  • Stretch and strength train in between days
  • Nutrition game strong! When you eat good, you feel good. Feeling energized and nutritional for the big day plays a big role in how you finish.

What are your thoughts on preparing for running?