stuck like glue…

Momma Mackey started back to work this past Monday…now I only work Sat, Sun, and Tues nights so you think, big deal……well…..

So I miss no time with my little love bugs..only when they are sleeping…or supposed to be sleeping….Being out of work for 91 days…left for a little drama around our house with Rylee…as I have mentioned in previous posts…the child is stuck to her Mama like glue yal.

*I certainly appreciate the facination she has with me* ~ it’s totally precious…but Monday night was definetly a meltdown moment that took some major patience! She would have been fast asleep when I left for work and not even awake when I got home so really yal, she wasn’t even going to know I was gone…or would she….

I spent nearly 2 hours reminding her of something I’ve always told her…”Mommy always comes back”…I even bribed her which I am normally totally against….but to her none of that mattered…what mattered was Mama was leaving, and when she woke up in the middle of the night for a sip of water, or needed Teddy moved, or to find lovey bunny, and was green rabbit beside of her, or Mommy scratch my back and lay with me, and can I have one more hug…it would be Daddy to the rescue

Now let me add, Daddy Mackey is a wonderful Daddy….even when emotions run high around here (with us ladies)…he toughs it out, rolls up his sleeves, offers hugs, extra bedtime stories, and another piggy back ride throughout the house….but for just wasn’t enough Monday night….
So…I lost my patience…we all do sometimes, right? I finally stood my ground and let her “cry it out” a while….did it break my heart…WITHOUT A DOUBT!…but I know I have to be she will be strong…
And….then… after only about 20 minutes of crying… I hear her say “Mama, I’m sorry, I just miss you so much”
I hug and kiss her… and soon…she’s fast asleep….

I understand that she will outgrow it… I also realize that one day Mama leaving for work won’t matter to her…and that one day I won’t be “so cool”…and one day I’ll be squeezing her and asking for one more hug …..

That morning when I got home…here’s what we did…

Reese read some books to us…

 while, Rylee applied make-up to herself, me, and the pups
Rylee held Reese
We went to the pool..Reese worked on her tan

 Rylee ate snacks and swam like a fish
So, see, everything was just fine…and we had a lovely Mackey day…

Pool Party!!

Today we had our annual pool party in our community! It’s always so much fun getting together with neighbors and friends to hang out! We had hot-dogs, games, and dancing ~ along with pool fun!! Here I am cheesing with my cool friends that live next door – Delaney and Rylie.

I was getting ready to dance!

Pool Fun!

Me, and the neighbor girls: Rylie and Delaney enjoying some fun in the sun!

Time for a snack!

Daddy helping me out of the water

Aunt Heather and me say CHEEEEESE!

Learning to swim

I Love Jumping in the water!!

Daddy the sun is too bright!