them little girls I love…

We’ve been some busy little chicas… running to dance class, dentist appointments, pre-school, doctor visits, and the such…
And thank heavens none of us have gotten a cold yet with this chilly weather, seriously I can’t stand the coldness. It makes my bones hurt, my teeth chatter, and desperate to stay wrapped in blankets all day with the little ones. *sigh*
Rylee strikes a pose at her dance class…speaking of, the little beauty lost her tap shoes a couple of weeks ago but luckily were returned by a sweet girl in the class whose mom has one of them funny mom blogs, if you will.  
Baby Reese has her monthly check-up appointment soon….and I’m thinking they may insist she join weight watchers? I mean seriously look at these peachy, chunky cheeks. Cuteness for sure. But, what is with me and chunkster, amazon babies? Born teeny weeny and skinny then turn into little roly polys by 5 months…luckily they (well, Rylee) has seemed to proportion out properly. 

These girls are just so precious playing together. I swear Reese admires Rylee already. They do everything together. And love to entertain one another.

Happy Monday…and stay warm!

what makes her laugh?

Happy Monday!
Seriously, look at these cute faces.
Ok, so I definetly missed a “first” moment yesterday! Let me fill you in…
Reese had her very first chuckle! You know that baby giggle where they can’t catch their breath because the funniest thing ever has just happened before their very little eyes?
Well, luckily Daddy Mackey witnessed it.
Reese was sitting on Daddy’s lap…
Dixie was bringing her ball back to Rylee for the (probably) 910th time…ok, if you don’t throw Dixie’s ball within .2 seconds, she totally freaks out by barking.
So….what makes a baby laugh uncontrollably?
A. Barking. Dog.
Seriously folks, that’s it.
Adorable? yes.
Please stay tuned, because umm yes I will totally be making Dixie bark all day to capture the moment.
Hope the neighbors won’t mind. 😉

ok, so have I mentioned that I take like 6.4 million pictures a day? And it’s only on my blog that I narrow those 6.4 million to the top 5 or so..

When I was pregnant with Reese, people always told me…”oh just wait until you have her, you won’t keep up with everything…no more scrapbooking, crafting, etc…you won’t have time for this or that….you think you kept up with Rylee? well, pssshhhh, that’s over now……hope you’ve enjoyed having only 1 child because honey it’ll never be the same”. Oh and my personal favorite “Since Rylee is such an angel, this next one will be a nightmare” (for the record, she’s no nightmare folks…)

Blah Blah Blah….ridiculousness….but I have done a prettttty good job at keeping up. Here are a few examples:
* I’ve captured about every “firsts” moment on camara (so far)
* I’ve began Reese’s first of five scrapbooks (5 because I scrapbook my kids first 5 years of life)
* I’ve been able to do things I love to do (during naptime ofcourse)

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you have kids and don’t do these things, I still think you are a cool mom. These are just things I do and vowed to keep up with because that’s just how I am.  🙂
Now, just check out these adorable little smiles I captured this weekend!

 Loving her Daddy and watching Rylee…she smiles most at Rylee
“oh, hello again camara”

she looks so tan doesn’t she? I keep her out in the sun all day long with no sunscreen (seriously someone asked me that…)
(Oh and notice the flower pin I’m wearing? I made it! ~ more designs and chatting about that later)

 going to get icecream
but Reese would rather eat my finger
Happy Monday from the Mackey girls!

A Mackey Monday…

YAAAAAWWWWWWN…….We wake up around 7:30am around here… and coming from a Momma who is used to being sleep deprived, I’m totally happy with 7:30! We (Momma Mackey & little Mackeys, Mackey pups, and our latest addition…Mackey turtles) we yawn and we stretch….   
then comes breakfast….. Now, we figure out how we’ll spend this Monday…

Its not just us being lazy…..

Normally, we would head to the pool…aren’t pools supposed to be refreshing even on 100 degree days? Anyway, we sometimes (often) complain of how hot it is…we truly are spoiled babies who love fresh cool air.
So today..instead of the norm, we opt for Movie Monday! We watched Beauty and the Beast, munched popcorn, Reese-y baby napped in her swing, Rylee and I cuddled up in Princess blankets and Pillows in the floor….pure bliss!
Then…a walk…in the rain…and it was exciting…giggling together…splashing….not a care in the world…
Mondays aren’t so bad….

How did you spend your Mondays?