Wrightsville Beach Day

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I want to just pack up and move to the beach.

Luckily, we only live about 3 hours – so it’s worth a day trip to soak in the sand and ocean.

We went with my mother and father in law for a Saturday escape – it was perfect weather and tons of relaxation.

I sported a bikini with a big ol belly and didn’t feel bad at all. It’s like hello, I’m pregnant ~ I don’t think it’s as taboo as it used to be to wear bikinis while preggo – so I went with it.

We packed up the van, took a change of clothes, sunscreen, umbrellas, and beach toys – and off we went. 5 hours on the beach, a walk to the pier, jumping in the ocean, and the sun beaming made for a great day!

What’s your favorite Saturday activity?


Reese turns 4!

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Time flies when you have babies and they have birthdays!

Our little Reese turned 4 on Tuesday! We celebrated with cupcakes at her preschool, dinner at Mcdonalds (her choice), ice cream, Build a Bear, and of course: presents.

We will celebrate her again this Saturday with a pool party and family.

A re-cap of our girl:

  • Obsessed with Frozen everything, she dreams of meeting Anna and Elsa.
  • Still sucking her thumb – a habit we are desperate to break!
  • Loves snacks – particularly NutriGrain bars and gummies.
  • Playgrounds of any kind.
  • Pockets on her shorts – for stuffing coins, rocks, and lip glosses.
  • Hair down, no big bows and frills for this cutie – she prefers her hair down always – and with those straight locks, I’m cool with it.
  • dresses and fancy princess costumes
  • Animals – Reese loves all kinds of animals, especially Dixie and Sammy
  • Terrified of bugs: deathly terrified of flies.

Our little May baby is spunky and sassy to say the least. She believes everything is a game and truly makes us laugh often. She is stubborn about getting up, dressed, showering – but full of life and loves to chat.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Reesie-cup!

forcing your kids to play sports…

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Our girl Ry just finished up her 9th season of soccer! She started the Spring she turned 4! What a long way she has come! One of the top defenders on her team – who went 17 – 1 in an almost undefeated season this past year!

Rylee has had said since she was 6 that she doesn’t want to play anymore – but we sort of force/bribe her… shhh.

We know she isn’t one to be overjoyed about athletics – and that’s fine, neither was I – but we value the healthy lifestyle for her.

At age 9 in soccer, kids usually split up into hybrid or junior academies – while some hang around and just play rec soccer. The expensive opportunity has come up for Rylee – do we sign her up to try out for Hybrid soccer or do we let this be it for her. She’s good, so we know she would make it – but will she resent us for it later?… do we let her not play a sport at all? If she had to choose: she would rather read books and be a tutor – but how do we maintain the healthy lifestyle/team spirit that sports provide..

I read an interesting article about “forcing your kids to play sports” here

More research into the topic::

Children quitting organized sports occurs more often than one might think. Research has shown that approximately 70-75% of children will quit playing a sport by the age of 14. Why do they want to stop? Why they start or why parents put their children into a sport in the first place:
1. Competence (learning and improving)
2. Affiliation (Being a part of something like a team or a club)
3. Fitness (agility, balance, coordination, and physical health)
4. Fun (This is the overwhelming reason why children play sports)
What are your thoughts?

Afternoons Around Here..


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Our afternoons used to be so hectic it seems…

But not so much anymore – we usually all arrive home by 4 or 5p.

Everyone changes into comfy clothes, we take care of animals, check homework, tidy up from breakfast mayhem that morning, prepare dinner, and head out for a stroll to the playground.

The kids play, the parents chat, we head back for treats, showers and games or stories.

We are such an organized family – meal prepping for the week and clothes laid out on Sundays, cleaning on the Saturday mornings, daily calendar hanging in the kitchen for everyone.. it just makes things run smoothly.

Sure: we still have fights about bedtime, multiple bathroom trips and water sips, bargaining at its best – but who doesn’t. We choose our battles wisely.

5 Steps for a family routine that may be helpful for you to:

  1. Analyze the day: I start each morning in my calendar. Mike and I communicate about plans for the day: who’s picking up which kid, gym time, dinner plans…
  2. Brainstorm what you want: for us, balancing everyone’s needs and wants can be tricky – but manageable : say the kids want to go to something fun, we plan in advance which day and time works best
  3. Write it down: I am notorious for this! Just ask Mike. Whether it’s grocery lists/needs, events, favorites.. I write it down
  4. Follow the schedule: We make ours on Sundays – and we stick by it! Of course things come up so we tweak and add in without chaos
  5. Tweek as needed: Not everything goes as planned- – soccer practices, a friend needs help, extra homework – leave some room in your schedule to make adjustmentments


It’s A….


Let me start off by saying, I love my husband. I especially love his face in this pic!

We are beyond excited to be adding another baby girl to our family – I mean we are used to girls by now, so it comes with ease and happiness. My husband’s first thought: weddings and hormones.

The girls and I squealed in excitement! We had our favorite bakery, Maxie B’s, whip us up some cupcakes so that we could all be surprised together. So fun and what a sweet memory to share!

baby 3 bumpdate..

IMG_20150317_094019 IMG_20150402_145529 IMG_20150407_101006090 IMG_20150409_100632 IMG_20150415_105914636 IMG_20150505_162225638 IMG_20150424_074126022IMG_20150508_075738

Let me update you real quick on this growing belly of mine..

We are at week 22 now! Crazy but amazing!! Over halfway! Now, I just have to survive the summer. I love summer and hot weather – so this should be interesting! Pools and beaches, I’m ready for ya!

I crave: pickles, icecream, watermelon, strawberries, and the frozen lemonade drink from Chick Fil A. I can’t even stand the look of avocados these days! I feel healthy and happy! In the beginning of this pregnancy, I lost hair but it’s coming back healthier and voluminous! I’ve gained 11 pounds, and compared to my other pregnancies – I’m cool with that!

Until next bumpdate,


Party of 5..

Our big surprise…


Coming September 2015, we will be expanding by 1!

We are beyond excited to share our journey with you as we venture into baby-hood all over again!

We found out we were expecting on January 22 and as much as we wanted to wait to share the good news, we just couldn’t. Rylee had been praying for a new baby for Christmas and her birthday so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell her on her birthday! Watch her surprise reaction..

Rylee’s big Surprise!

Having a miscarriage in our past, we were a little hesitant to share the news so quickly – but then again our family and friends support helped us heal from our lost baby. We trust in God’s plan and know he has a purpose for our family so we put our children and relationship in His hands.

I have been snapping pics since we found out because this baby (#3) may not have a completed baby book, memory journal and keepsake box. When I first became a mother 8 years ago I vowed to be one of those moms that keeps up with every thing for each child – but then reality happens and that just seems almost impossible. Rylee has an extremely detailed baby book, scrap book for the first 5 years of her life, memory journal, and keepsake box. Reese, well I’m still catching up on. That doesn’t make me a bad mother, that makes me human. For moms of more than one or two out there – pour out your words of wisdom to me now as we sail the seas of all things baby all over again!!


7 weeks


8 weeks


9 weeks


10 weeks


11 weeks


12 weeks

We have made it into what my doctor calls the “safe zone” – definitely easing our worry a bit. It may be too soon to start planning but those that know me – know that’s impossible!

::Question time::

 Was this planned? we weren’t preventing pregnancy from happening and would feel blessed if God gave us another baby.

Eating habits? Starving, I crave mashed potatoes non stop!

What do you love about being pregnant? Volume of my hair! ha, call me vain but for a girl with thin hair, I’m loving this!

#1 advice for pregnant moms? lemon water soothes morning sickness

Maternity clothes? No way, l live in dresses

Stretch marks? None with the girls, praying for none with this baby

Name ideas? keeping the letter R tradition – but nothing yet

Sleep? Crazy dreams, lots of insomnia

What I miss? Zumba and Running (had to take a first trimester break)

Aversions? Avocado and mangos

Feeling? stuck between fat and pregnant

Shout out to? my husband for constantly reminding me that I’m not fat

Let all things baby begin!