Tea Time Sundays

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These girls are obsessed with their mother. I was just telling my Dad the other night how they remind me so much of my sister and I when we were little – always hanging on our Dad.

My forever wish is that they never get tired of hanging all over me, that we always share special dates like this together, and that they always know I cherish them.

It warms my heart and makes me unbelievably grateful for their loving hearts toward me.

A whole living room and they sit on top of me, they shower with me, they constantly bring me books/balls/cards/games to play, they wait impatiently for me to return from the gym or grocery store, they won’t go to bed without “just one more hug” :: I could go on and on.

I love them for loving me, I savor every hug and little giggle we share. This is what mother-hood is – when you love little humans you created with all of your being. When nothing they do can ever change the way I love or care for them.

On Sundays occasionally, me and the girlies like to go to O’Henry Hotel for afternoon tea time – it’s perfect. Dainty little tea dishes, delicious teas, perfect treats and sweets: all while we giggle chatting about all things girly and fun.

I was made to be a mother and our special times together like this remind me why.


Friday Night Traditions

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Recently we started taking the kids to Yum Yums in Greensboro on Friday nights then walking around the UNCG campus.

Perfect for chatting about our weeks, exploring, and spending time together.

As I plan out our summer – I typically look for movie nights, downtown events, celebrations, camps, parties… etc.

We usually spend Sundays meal prepping and relaxing or catching up on household duties, Saturdays by the pool or with family/friends, so Friday nights are our out of the house – try anything nights.

We are excited for Summer along with all the laughter and fun it brings.

we run.


One thing Mike and I got into last year was running!

We turn it into date time really – no kids, us with thousands of other runners, adrenaline, and accomplishment.

We’ve ran the Color Runs, Race the Bar, Tarheel, Biscuitville – to name a few.

We recently ran the Tarheel 4 Miler and even though I was 19 weeks pregnant – it felt amazing! I’ve been studying ways to move up to a half marathon.. baby steps yal. Also, let me point out that I don’t think I could convince hubs to do a half – but hey, a girl can dream.

Some steps I’ve come up with in order to accomplish this are:

  • Access my level of fitness: having a baby this fall – means no half marathons this fall. My level of fitness this time last year was amazing – losing weight, eating balanced at every meal.. pregnancy is different for everyone, with that said, I’ll get back on my strenuous fitness kick once the baby arrives
  • Choose a half marathon: this makes it visible and real! Pay for it, mark it on the calendar, and prepare
  • Train at least 12 weeks prior to the big day: I’ve been researching training programs – have any you recommend?
  • Take 1 day breaks in between running days: simple, don’t over do it! Muscles tear, you fatigue, and lose focus
  • Stretch and strength train in between days
  • Nutrition game strong! When you eat good, you feel good. Feeling energized and nutritional for the big day plays a big role in how you finish.

What are your thoughts on preparing for running?