Our days..

…our time is so precious together…
so we spend days playing games together…
playing with make-up and putting lots of it on (because every girl loves make-up)
side note: should a 5 year old be this in love with make-up? maybe not, but its all in good fun 😉
we draw pictures and marvel over our lovely artistic abilities
I read books and grab a quick snack while the little ones play
we paint and make “treasures”
basically, we cover the kitchen in all our craftings
we cook together…one of our favorite family things
I sip hot tea…I take in the day.
I realize as tired as I may be, as messy as the house became, the toys scattered throughout, and the chores left undone…
we are making memories…
Happy Memory Making!

holiday wreath tutorial

….I like to pretend I’m Martha Stewart….
it’s true.
I decided to spiff up my front door by making a wreath, um, from scratch. .
Just something cheap and cute… 
First I purchased the goods…
1. a straw wreath (AC Moore for like 3 bucks)
2. 2 strands of garland (Dollar General 2 bucks per strand)
3. 2 sets of 20 clear lights (Dollar General 1 buck per strand)
4. Red Glittery Ornaments (Dollar General 2 bucks)
5. Silver Glittery Ornaments (Dollar General 2 bucks)
so cheap, right?
oh and I used my 1999 glue gun 🙂 – seriously, it’s ugly, but we go way back.
Ok, to start, I wrap the garland around the straw wreath, continuously, until all the “straw” wreath is covered
*note – you could purchase a garland wreath, this would allow you to skip this step, but I had a straw wreath left over from Halloween.
(Oh, side note, please don’t look at my unpolished fingernails.)
Notice how the garland is covering all of the straw, you don’t want that showing.

And voila, garland covering straw wreath…
Now, take 1 strand of lights and begin wrapping it around the wreath, trying to leave the same amount of space between each wrap (for evenness)….complete this step with other strand of lights too.

Don’t worry, you can manuever the lights around to your liking once they are on…but make sure that both ends of the strands of light meet at the end..so they can be plugged in..
To secure the lights, use the ends of both strands of lights and twist the cords together…as such…then leave dangling for now…
Next, take the oranments, and hot glue them onto the wreath where you would like them
*Note: I removed the tops of the ornaments, I didn’t need them since this part of the ornament would be hot glued down onto the garland (but don’t toss them, save them for another project!!)

Then take your really cool, and pretty glue gun and hot glue the suckers on…aim for evenness…

I could’ve added more balls but I just worked with what I had. 🙂

Once all balls have been added to your desire, light it up, move any lights around, ornaments, etc..and….
drum roll please, drum roll..
A Merry Little Holiday Wreath, that even your kiddos could help with…

Merry Christmas…and Happy Crafting…