Wrightsville Beach Day

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I want to just pack up and move to the beach.

Luckily, we only live about 3 hours – so it’s worth a day trip to soak in the sand and ocean.

We went with my mother and father in law for a Saturday escape – it was perfect weather and tons of relaxation.

I sported a bikini with a big ol belly and didn’t feel bad at all. It’s like hello, I’m pregnant ~ I don’t think it’s as taboo as it used to be to wear bikinis while preggo – so I went with it.

We packed up the van, took a change of clothes, sunscreen, umbrellas, and beach toys – and off we went. 5 hours on the beach, a walk to the pier, jumping in the ocean, and the sun beaming made for a great day!

What’s your favorite Saturday activity?


A little getaway

I know I’ve said a hundred times that our family loves the beach. We spent a little weekend getaway there to celebrate the end of school, my sister’s birthday and Father’s Day. 
It was a happy time filled with lots of laughing and memories. Our babies used to hate the sand when they were babies but now, they love it. Rylee loves jumping waves with her daddy. Reese loves anything about the beach. 
We ate pizza and Icecream – and it was amazing! So amazing that I knew I had to burn that off quickly, so I got up early for a little beach run. 
The beaches were crowded. The sun was beaming. Breeze was steady. And, best of all, everyone was happy. 

Summer is an amazing time of year! 

take us to the beach

We’re the type of family that could live at the beach, literally, on the beach, in the sand all summer. I’d eat, sleep, and lay there on the burning sand soaking in the sun forever if I could.
We took a trip last year to Top Sail Beach ~ it was heaven.
The beach gives such a relaxing vibe. It’s peaceful. No where to be, nothing to do. It relieves all urgency, all worries, every care in the world is evaporated at the beach.
The sounds: the seagulls flying overhead, the breeze whistling through our hair, the ocean crashing onto the shore, the crabs scurrying across the sand, the laughter from children, the casual conversations of families, umbrellas flapping wildly against the wind, and ships floating slowly by with friendly guests.
The smells: coconut oils and sprays, sunscreens, fresh laundried towels, salty air, deliciously smelling shampoos as hair blows in the breeze and fresh everything.
The feel: crisp burning sun against our skin, soft warm sand sliding between our toes, rough seashells hitting our toes in the ocean, icey cold ocean water splashing against our skin, wind whipping across our faces and through our hair.
I hope my children grow to appreciate the peacefulness and calmness of the beach as I have. For there is nothing like making memories every summer with those you love.
I swear in another life, I must have been a mermaid.