The Mackey Bunch

Who are the Mackeys?

The Mrs…..I can never make up my mind. I am OCD about organization, ok, about everything. My closet is color coordinated. I love pink everything. I love heels, fashion, and ruffles. I love crafting. I can talk about anything. anytime. anywhere. I’m dedicated to my family.  I could live on rice and beans. I’m optimistic. I grew up in church and love God. I’m a perfectionist. I believe in bedtime. I believe that everything would be better with chocolate. I love Zumba, running, working out and smoothies. I wish I could sprinkle glitter everywhere I go. Something that makes me smile: a day planner, color coded!
The Mr…..he loves Notre Dame football, like, more than life itself. He’s a family man. He loves candy, particulary starburst. He’s loves his Sig Ep brothers. He’s really smart (no, I’m not being sarcastic). He’s been the same weight for 15 years (hate him for this ladies, because I do). He has a Fu Manchu (bahahah, a full man beard?). He’s deathly scared of spiders. He’s preppy. He has 16 pairs of shoes. He likes his oatmeal lumpy. He loves country music but can rap some Snoop in a minute. He gets excited when he smells good food. He’s sporty. Something that makes him smile: Notre Dame tickets.
So, you ask how did this guy and this girl get together…..
Well, we met in 2003 at a college I attended and the Mr. worked at. I was the Student Government President and he was the Student Activities Coordinator. We planned lots of college events together and did the decorating, advertising, etc…so naturally we got to know each other pretty well. We started dating on October 31, 2003 (one of my favorite holidays)! 2 weeks (yes no exaggeration here….even though I love to exaggerate) after we started dating…I told my Mom that this is the guy I’m going to marry.
How did I know?….well it was that feeling of “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, world series kind of stuff”…I just fell madly in love with everything about him…his personality, his charming looks, his beautiful brown eyes (that our oldest daughter Rylee has inherited…), the way he makes me laugh every. single. day., his dark hair (that now has a little gray in it), his perfect smile, the way his hand holds mine, the way he laughed at me when the first time I backed my car out of his driveway into the ditch (real cool), his funny dance moves, his quirky ways, his passion for chocolate that I totally relate to…….we were made for each other…
In October 2005, that guy asked me to marry him while on a weekend trip in Chimney Rock, NC …..and I squealed in delight. We bought our first house in April 2006 and the rest is….. history.
We’re two peas in a pod (so cheesy, I know…), I can’t ever imagine life without him, he completes me.
So, I married that guy in 2006.
I love him. I love that I’m his and he’s mine.
Ofcourse to have a happily ever after, you have to throw in some kids…
Our Rylee girl was born in 2007. She is a fun, enthusiastic, outgoing, loving, cuddling, hugging, well behaved, sweetheart. Seriously the kid is obsessed with icecream, pizza, and M&ms. She loves high heels, lipstick, and ketchup. She sings everyday. all day. She makes up a song for everything. She could eat a chicken biscuit every morning for breakfast. She believes in fairys and that money grows on trees. She loves devotions. She smells like fruit.
We have a baby in heaven (from a miscarriage in 2010)



Our Reese was born in 2011. She is a spunky, snuggling, smiley, chatty girl. She loves milk, outdoors, and Disney everything. She appreciates hugs. She is naturally tan. She makes us laugh. She’s obsessed with swimming and singing. She enjoys bathtime and wearing her sister’s hand-me-downs. She smells like flowers.
Dixie was born in March 2004 and adopted as a Mackey in May 2004. She is our furry child, a boxer mix. She loves eating trash, begging for treats, and fetching a ball. She snores loudly. Her gas clears a room. She sleeps cuddled in blankets. She despises the smell of nail polish. She smiles. She smells like syrup.
Sammy was born in November 2005 and was adopted as a Mackey in January 2006. He is our furry child, a miniature Dachtsun. He loves peeing, barking, and laying on top of people. His teeth are brown. He appreciates his nails being clipped. He loves the sun. He smells like poo.

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