Afternoons Around Here..


IMG_20150512_175846627 IMG_20150512_180534923

Our afternoons used to be so hectic it seems…

But not so much anymore – we usually all arrive home by 4 or 5p.

Everyone changes into comfy clothes, we take care of animals, check homework, tidy up from breakfast mayhem that morning, prepare dinner, and head out for a stroll to the playground.

The kids play, the parents chat, we head back for treats, showers and games or stories.

We are such an organized family – meal prepping for the week and clothes laid out on Sundays, cleaning on the Saturday mornings, daily calendar hanging in the kitchen for everyone.. it just makes things run smoothly.

Sure: we still have fights about bedtime, multiple bathroom trips and water sips, bargaining at its best – but who doesn’t. We choose our battles wisely.

5 Steps for a family routine that may be helpful for you to:

  1. Analyze the day: I start each morning in my calendar. Mike and I communicate about plans for the day: who’s picking up which kid, gym time, dinner plans…
  2. Brainstorm what you want: for us, balancing everyone’s needs and wants can be tricky – but manageable : say the kids want to go to something fun, we plan in advance which day and time works best
  3. Write it down: I am notorious for this! Just ask Mike. Whether it’s grocery lists/needs, events, favorites.. I write it down
  4. Follow the schedule: We make ours on Sundays – and we stick by it! Of course things come up so we tweak and add in without chaos
  5. Tweek as needed: Not everything goes as planned- – soccer practices, a friend needs help, extra homework – leave some room in your schedule to make adjustmentments



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